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August 2019 Edition (published bi-monthly)


Bev and Karen

Bev Bingham  (Tel: 933 4212, E-mail: and Karen Cheetham (Tel: 933 2231,




August                                                                                                                  September

4th         10.30 am              Holy Communion                                             1st          6.30 pm                Holy Communion

18th       6.30 pm                Compline                                                             15th       6.30 pm                Compline

25th       6.30 pm                Evensong                                                            22nd      6.30 pm                Evensong

                                                                                                                                29th       6.30 pm                Harvest Festival



During Harvest Time it would be appreciated if residents could be mindful of where to park their cars on the road, especially Church Street, West Street and opposite grain sheds.  These 2 streets in particular are used by large tractors and trailers, and also combine harvesters during the farmers busy season.  Thank you.






We had a really successful day and evening for the Feast Saturday this



Huge thanks must go to all those involved in the organisation and running  of all the

 events.  Also thanks to those who donated cakes, delivered notices and sold tickets.


Thanks also to Roger Perrin for use of the barn and James Fisher for organising the hay ride.




Police have alerted us to an increase in burglaries, primarily the theft of car keys, due to residents leaving windows open at night during the hot weather.  Please ensure windows and doors are locked and keys are placed in a safe place.  They have also advised to check that garden sheds and outbuidings are secure.




20th August                        Quiz Night 7.30pm start

23rd-26th August            Bank Holiday Weekend (pizza oven Friday, Saturday & Monday plus normal menus)

27th August                        Curry Night £14 per head (booking is essential)

12th-15th September    Mini Beer Festival




We are open to all and our opening times can be found on Facebook or in the Bus Shelter.

 What you are asking is what do we sell.  Our range should meet all tastes:

 Around 15 Gins from £1.50 to £2.50 a measure, with Fevertree tonic at £1 or

Schweppes at 75p.

Plus, Rum, Whisky, Vodka, Bourbon and much more, again from £1.50 to £2.50 a shot.

A range of premium large bottles of Lager such as Birra Moretti, Estrella and Budwar from £3 to £3.50.

Cider at £3 including gold medal winning Cider from Ross On Wye.

Bottled bitters from Old Peculiar at one end of the fridge to alcohol free Ghost Ship at the other, all at £3.

A range of Red, White and Rose wine at £10 a bottle and Prosseco at £12

Single serve wines at £3 and single serve Prosecco at £3.75

Soft drinks from 75p to £1.50 and crisps and snacks from 30p, nuts 50p and Cockles at £1.50.

And much, much more.

Our ambition is - if you want it and we can get it, we will.



There are six Second World War Commonwealth War graves in Shelford churchyard, all of which are graves of  RAF or RAAF personnel.


The graves have been looked after by the Womens' Institute and other members of the community for many years, ensuring flowers are  placed on each grave weekly from Easter to Remembrance Sunday in November.


Graves 1 and 2 are of two airmen who died accidentally in Bingham in October 1941.  According to a local newspaper report, Corporal Robert Fryer Watson RAF, 29, from Belfast and Corporal Ernest Cecil Barley, RAF, 19, of Grindleford near Sheffield, died when the motor cycle they were riding left the road and struck an air raid shelter* in Bingham.  A doctor summoned to the scene of the accident found Cpl Watson to be dead; death had been instantaneous.  Cpl Barley was unconscious and died after admission to Nottingham City Hospital.  A witness described how the machine came from the direction of Nottingham at an estimated speed of 40 to 45 mph.  It failed to take the left-hand bend, left the road, crashed through a substantial wooden fence and struck an air-raid shelter.  Both men were serving with 16 FTS, which was at this time based at RAF Newton.


Graves 3, 4 and 5 are those of  three members of the crew of a Hampden bomber.  They were all serving in the RAAF.  Their aircraft, Hampden AD802 of 14 OTU, took off from RAF Saltby on the night of 30th June 1942, detailed to carry out a night navigation training exercise.  The aircraft spun and crashed at 0230 hours near Shelford.  All the crew were killed.  Sergeant Arthur Hugh Stephens, RAAF, was a wireless operator/ air gunner;  Sgt John Leonard Allison, RAAF, was an observer;  Sgt. Edmund Freeman Hunt, RAAF was a WOp/AG.  Their pilot, 21 year old Sgt Robert Thomas Pierson, RAF(VR), the son of Daniel and Mary Pierson of Carlton, is buried in Carlton (St Mary) RC churchyard, Yorkshire.


Grave 6 is that of Sgt Richard Arthur Von Der Groeben, RAAF.  He was the navigator in an Oxford trainer (V3874) of 1654 CU which took off from RAF Wigsley on 13th July 1942, detailed to carry out a non-operational high level bombing exercise.  The aircraft crashed at 1320 hours when it flew into trees near Gunthorpe.  All the crew of three were killed.  The aircraft was returning from the exercise on the Clifton Pastures bombing range when it crashed.  An inquiry later found that the accident was the result of unauthorised low flying.  The pilot, Sgt Dobie, RAFVR, is buried in Cheshire and the WOp/AG, Sgt Warren, RAFVR,  is buried in Idridgehay in Derbyshire.



*Bingham Heritage Trails Association has published information on WW2 buildings in the area, including information on the location of shelters.

FTS                         Flying Training School

HCU                       Heavy Conversion Unit -

OCU                       Operational Conversion Unit – prepare aircrew for operations on a particular type of aircraft.

OTU                       Operational Training Unit

RAF                        Royal Air Force

RAFVR                  Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve

RAAF                     Royal Australian Air Force

WOp/AG             Wireless Operator/ Air Gunner

Hampden            RAF twin-engine medium bomber

Oxford                  RAF twin-engine training aircraft


Acknowledgement for compilation of this article is given to

Ted Glossop


PRECIS OF PARISH COUNCIL MINUTES held on           Wednesday 31 July 2019 in the Village Hall



·         A member of the public had made contact with the Clerk's office in regard to dog fouling incidents and asked what the Council could do about it.  The Chairman said she had made contact with the dog warden at Rushcliffe Borough Council and an assurance had been given that there would be a regular patrol, although they had pointed out the number of dog wardens they employed had now been reduced to two.

·         VE DAY 75.  The Council accepted a suggestion from the Clerk that it pre-book the village hall for 8,9,10 May 2020 so that  an event can be organised to recognise this occasion.  Most villages are looking to play a part and perhaps we could appoint a working party.  One suggestion was a 1945 themed event.



·         The Chairman said there had been a lack of response from residents to a plea by the Council for comments on what  new items should be provided on the play area to help modernise it.  It was acknowledged that current use of the play area was low.  One reason could be, felt the meeting, that the equipment that is available is in need of  being replaced and could also be sited  nearer to the front entrance gate so it could more easily be seen.

·         A mole catching exercise is being operated on the playing field at present.


·         The Council confirmed the Booking Clerk responsibility is now being carried out by Chris Bingham.  It was agreed that the arrangements to send out invoices for regular hall users after the hiring has taken place.

·         Village Hall Work:  The Chairman said she had obtained a quote for work for replacing the kitchen flooring.  The Clerk was asked to obtain a second quote and also a quote for a new urn.


·         Village improvements –There has been a very positive response regarding the new planters at the entrances to the village, with many people commenting how nice it is to see such a colourful display.  Unfortunately, the heavy bouts of rain have done nothing to enhance the blooms but hopefully they will perk up again enough to see us through to the next planting stage.

·         There is still work to be done around the village to keep on top of things and suggestions are still coming in as to what is needed, one of which is whether we can have a bench at the Shelford Hill end of the village so people can take a moment before either tackling the hill or setting off towards the cliffs.

·         Picnic Area – Unfortunately, I was informed last week that the benches at the picnic area were set on fire so now there is nothing remaining of this project apart from the History Board that tells you about the ferry.

·         Shelford Feast - On a positive note, the Feast was primarily a success again this year.  The entries for the Horticultural show and Competitions in the Village Hall were somewhat lacking in numbers, so hopefully we can generate a little more interest and enthusiasm for next time. The Barn Dance on Saturday evening was a great success with 100 adult tickets sold plus children.  There was enough money made from the ticket sales, refreshment sales in the village hall and raffle tickets to cover all expenses with £198.50 left over which has been put in the Millennium Fund for safekeeping until a need is identified for it.  Huge thanks must be given to all the volunteers who worked tirelessly both on the day and either side of it helping set up, run it and clear away.

·         Finally, at the last meeting Heather put in a request for a road sweeper to be booked and the Chairman said she would do this once Trevor Tye had finished carting straw through the village.  I'm pleased to say he has now cleared out the barn where he stores his bales so we can now action this.  The Clerk is to check whether we will be charged extra for this, as we were last year when it was ordered before the Feast weekend.

NEXT MEETING - To be held on Wednesday 25 September 2019 at 6.30 pm.  Open to all residents.


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