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February 2019 Edition (published bi-monthly)



Bev and Karen

Bev Bingham  (Tel: 933 4212, E-mail: and Karen Cheetham (Tel: 933 2231,





February                                                            March

3rd       10.30 am  Holy Communion  3rd 10.30 am Holy Communion

17th     6.30 pm           Compline      17th 6.30 am  Compline

24th     6.30 pm           Evensong      24th     6.30 pm  Evensong

27th     4.00 pm           Messy Church in the Village Hall       27th                                                     4.00 pm Messy Church in the Village Hall



Firstly I would like to thank everyone who  was on the airmen’s graves rota last year.  To villagers who don’t know about this. There’s a rota I do every year for putting flowers/greenery on 6 airmen, 1 soldier and  Miss Mee - their  graves are all in the church yard and the Monument. Usually it’s only twice a year. We do this between Easter and Armistice Sunday.  If you would like to go on this rota please email me on or phone 0115 9332216. You can do it alone or with a friend/s whatever suits. Or, if you would like to come off the rota please let me know as soon as possible, as I’ll soon be printing the new one.

Many thanks

Heather Miller



Our speaker on February 7th is Thomas Bell, telling us the history of Boots the chemist.  The Beast from the East prevented Thomas from coming last year; let’s hope nothing similar occurs this time.

As well as our programme of monthly speakers we have fortnightly walking netball sessions, regular darts matches, guided walks, and workshops. Our February walk, on the 21st, takes us on a 3 km tour of the many and varied Victorian buildings in Newark.

Find more details on our website at or on our Facebook page.


After 11 years of running the Coffee Pot on Monday mornings, some of the team have decided it is time to hang up their pinnies and retire.  However, a new team of volunteers, with a couple of the old team, has offered to continue running Coffee Pot as usual on Monday mornings, 10.00 – 11.30 am so please come along and enjoy time chatting with friends, old and new, over a lovely cup of coffee or tea and biscuits. Coffee Pot is really important to the community, along with the Post Office which operates at the same time, but finishes at 11.00am, in the Village Hall.

You’ll receive a lovely warm welcome from everyone, so please come and support your local Coffee Pot and help to keep the Post Office running as well.


Firstly, a giant thank you to everyone who has attended the village special nights and made them such a enjoyable evening each time. 


Future events as follows:


29th January, 7.30 pm - Quiz Night

14th February, Valentine's Day Special - 2 courses £16.50 - 3 courses £19.95

19th February, 7.30 pm - Quiz Night

26th February - Villagers Special. Booking essential

5th March - Pancake Day

16th and 17th March - St Patricks  weekend - Discount on Guinness & Jameson's whisky

31st March - Mothers Day Special from 12 - 8:30pm.  Set 3 course meal for £24.95

adults - £12.50 for children


If you require further details, please contact us on 933 2227.


Lisa & Ollie


If any villagers are interested in the above, who may have ideas or want to be active participants in this project to protect and enhance the village environment, please contact Lesley Duffin on


Please see attached information regarding solar panels.



If you see any incidences of fly tipping please report immediately either by phone to Rushcliffe Borough Council (0115 981 9911) or via their web page, which is Report a Problem , and follow the link to Fly Tipping.




The Christmas Fayre held on 8 December 2018 raised £496 60p for the church. Thank you to everyone involved in the organisation of this and everyone who attended.



Also known as “The Best Tin Shed In Shelford”


Our Bar is open to all, Campers and Locals alike.

Selling a range of bottled Beers, Lagers, Cider and Wine with a variety of Premium spirits including at least 10 different Premium Gins.

Our Winter opening hours tend to be limited but February is shown below:-

Friday 1st 7pm - 10.30pm, Sunday 3rd 2pm - 5pm, Monday 4th 7pm -9pm.

Friday 8th 7pm - 10.30pm, Sunday 10th 2pm - 5pm, Monday 11th 7pm - 9pm.

Friday 15th 7pm – 10.30pm, Sunday 17th 2pm - 5pm.

Friday 22nd 7pm - 10.30pm, Sunday 24th 2pm - 5pm, Monday 25th 7pm - 9pm.

For more information on future opening  time for March onward and details of special events please LIKE our FACEBOOK Page :-


The Bar At Shelford Nurseries Caravan Park


PRECIS OF PARISH COUNCIL MINUTES held on Wednesday 23 January 2019

in the Village Hall


MINUTES FROM THE PREVIOUS MEETING HELD ON 28 NOVEMBER 2018 were accepted as circulated and signed by the Chairman, after it was agreed to add that during Councillor Lawrence's report at that meeting, a brief discussion took place about the volume of traffic in the village and possible traffic calming measures.  It was commented that if Manor Lane had the same restricted use as proposed for Trent Lane in East Bridgford, this would reduce the amount of traffic coming through the village.


·         The Council had a casual vacancy which it agreed to fill but, because it is now less than six months to the next due election, it did not have to.  A proposal that Simon McLoughlan of 4 Bosworth Close  be co-opted was unanimously approved.  He signed the necessary acceptance paper and took part in the remainder of the meeting.


·         Notts County Council have, for the time being at least, withdrawn plans for the formation of a Unitary Authority for the County.

·         This year is election year for the Parish Council, to take place on 2 May 2019.   Nomination packs will  be available from the Clerk from the first week in March and have to be returned to the Borough by 4 April.

·         The meeting discussed the Operation London Bridge report which discusses the responsibility of  councils in the instance of an important State death such as Her Majesty The Queen.    It was agreed the Council should purchase a loose leaved  In Memoriam book and to ask the parish church to join in with them on this and to allow it to be placed in the church at the appropriate time.  It would be deposited in the County Archives and Buckingham Palace advised of this.  Following the official announcement of the  passing of the Queen, there will be 10 days of state mourning, between the day of the death and the funeral in Westminster Abbey.  All councils were asked to prepare themselves and be mindful that any meeting organised during the State Mourning would need to be cancelled.  Flags would be flown at half mast through the 10 days of mourning except for Day 2, when the new King will be Proclaimed and when they should be flown at full mast and then the next day returned to half mast.  All flags to be returned to normal by 9am the day after the funeral. The Clerk would compose suitable words for displaying on the website and it was agreed the home page of the website should display  a picture of the Queen with a black border around it.  The Council agreed that if flowers were to be laid, the suitable area would be at the foot of the flagpole in the church yard.  All flowers should be removed on the morning after the State Funeral.

·         The Clerk would liaise with the parish church over a suggestion to hold a special service on the eve of the funeral day.  The day of the funeral will be a public holiday unless it falls on a Saturday.      



·         Coun. Cutts commented on the position in regard to a proposed Unitary Authority in Nottinghamshire,  the latest information on the HS2 and the Mayflower 400 projects, and the situation involving the possible purchase of the Laxton estate near Newark - believed to be the only remaining English village to have retained the medieval strip farming system. The Estate tenants operate ‘in common’, using a three year crop rotation including winter wheat, a second cereal and fallow over three open fields across the Estate. The area covers  1,845 acres.

·         Coun. Lawrence commented on progress in regard to proposed housing development at Newton, an increase in fly tipping incidents and of the success of the Borough Council in tracing culprits, the Local Plan which had been the subject of an Inquiry prior to the end of the year and the result of which was awaited, the forthcoming budget and a national report which indicated is the best provided for in the whole country for GPs.


·         A resident pointed out the Council website needed to be brought up to date.

·         The retirement of the ladies who had organised the Coffee Pot morning for the last 11 years was commented on, with praise being given to them.


·         Streetwise had carried out the annual play equipment check.  The Clerk was to circulate this to members so that the required work could be considered.   He was asked to implement the request in the report to remove the  netball stand.



·         The clerk said the Council still awaited another quote for the removal or replacing of part of the fencing alongside the edge of the grassed area.  The Chairman spoke of the suggestions for improved provision of equipment on the field.  It was suggested a circular be prepared in which residents were asked what they felt was needed to be supplied.



·         Reference was made of the retirement of the Coffee Pot ladies.  The Chairman said she was been handed £190 by them with a request it be spent on improvements in the kitchen.

·         A discussion took place on the heating in the hall, with a comment that the WI members had reported it being cold for their recent meeting. The clerk was asked to call in the regular contractor to look at the system and also to replace the battery in the smoke alarm.

·         The new group now organising the coffee pot had requested consideration of a book case being provided in the hall.  Coun. Miller said she might be able to provide one.



·         Yellow Ribbon re-enactment.  The Chairman was to meet with Vanessa Ball in February, so that she can look at the facilities provided in the Village Hall and at the Playing Field.  Following this she will confirm a mutually agreeable date for the event to take place at a cost of £300 as agreed at previous meetings.

·         Nik Emmonds, from Perfect Motion.  This event which is a 20 mile running race is to take place on Sunday 17th March 2019.  It will entail road closures between approximately 9.30 - 11.30 am. The route was suggested last year and is available to view online (  He had asked whether any volunteers would man a water station in the village, to this end. Three residents Sue Whitehead and Neil Harris who have agreed to take this on.   The organiser will liaise directly with them.   The question of a possible donation being  available to a cause within the village will be raised with the organiser, with a view to help towards the playing field refurbishment.



·         Proposals for the playing field.


NEXT MEETING - To be held on Wednesday 27 March 2019 at 6.30 pm.  Open to all residents.


Full minutes are available on the website, as is information on many other village items


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