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Burglaries in the area
There has been an increase in burglaries of late and Notts Police have issued this helpful leaflet.
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Police Report for June 2017

Manvers and Trent Beat covering, Radcliffe on Trent, Shelford and Newton
Date Crime Location Village items taken ?
1st  Theft from Vehicle Bloomsbury Mews RoT Car Broken in to- damage to window
6th Burglary Dowson Close RoT Damage to conservatory door- no entry to address
8th Theft from Vehicle Shelford Road RoT Car Parts taken from vehicle
10th Theft Woodside Road RoT Lead taken
18th Criminal Damage Birkin Ave RoT Damage caused by known offender
22nd Theft Willow Close RoT Plant Pots taken
23rd Burglary Wakefield Avenue RoT Purse stolen using distraction technique
24th Theft Chestnut Grove RoT Milk taken from doorstep
27th Criminal Damage Vicarage Lane RoT Damage to vehicle- known offender 
30th Theft from Shop Main Road RoT Known offender suspected as taking items from store

 Recent Police Activity (Extract from minutes of Rushcliffe South Priority Setting meeting)


  1. Cannabis growing

    Locally the police have been very successful apprehending those responsible for cannabis growing and drug related issues in Bingham, East Bridgford, Barnstone and Shelford.


    Cannabis growing in suburbs is soaring and Caroline asked that we inform residents to be on the lookout for clues, as local intelligence is critical to success in police raids.


    For example:

  2. Look out for people setting up shop - ventilation equipment, lighting equipment, grow-bags and soil

  3. Absence of tenants and their comings and goings at odd hours - They won't be sociable neighbours

  4. < > - Cannabis's odour is distinctively strong and sickly sweet

    Covered-up windows - pulled curtains or black-outs

  5. Strong Lighting  

  6. < > on windows, or unusual levels of heat coming from a property

    Used compost dumped by rubbish bins


    Report anything suspicious by calling 101.


  7. Drug problem, Shelford


    Caroline confirmed police had continued to successfully target Shelford (priority from June meeting). There had been a round-the-clock problem there and a lot of good criminal intelligence had been obtained.

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