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Burglaries in the area
There has been an increase in burglaries of late and Notts Police have issued this helpful leaflet.
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What happens if Gypsies or Travellers enter land illegally?

Notts. Police have produced a helpful information sheet which can be downloaded here.


~$psies or Travellers entering land ill[...]
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September 2019 Policing Report

Manvers and Trent Beat covering, Radcliffe on Trent, Shelford and Newton  
Date Crime Location Village items taken?
03/09/2019 Criminal damage Addington Court Radcliffe Window broken
05/09/2019 Theft of motor vehicle Shelford Road Radcliffe Van stolen
06/09/2019 Burglary dwelling  Bingham Road Radcliffe Attempt break no entry gained
07/09/2019 Theft from shop Co-op Radcliffe Meat stolen
09/09/2019 Theft from motor vehicle Main Road Radcliffe Tools stolen
15/09/2019 Theft other Craig Moray Radcliffe Walking frame stolen
16/09/2019 Criminal damage Main Road Radcliffe Vehicle damaged
18/09/2019 Theft of motor vehicle Main Road Radcliffe Theft of van
19/09/2019 Criminal damage Shelford Road Radcliffe Vehicle bodywork damaged
21/09/2019 Criminal damage Shelford Road Radcliffe Vehicle tyres damaged
26/09/2019 Theft from motor vehicle Golf Road Radcliffe Tools stolen from van


Dear Rushcliffe Stakeholder,
Nottinghamshire Police are looking for ways of improving how we engage
with our communities. In early February we posted our first fortnightly
Stakeholder update covering what is happening locally in Rushcliffe
Borough. Each fortnight we will send you an update on neighbourhood
policing including community engagement, work with our Community safety
partners as well as advice on current crime and anti-social behaviour
issues. We hope that you will find this update relevant and informative
and we would encourage you to share this information with others. We
will try to highlight the broad range of policing activity taking place
across the whole of Rushcliffe Borough and will hopefully include some
good news stories as well.


Rushcliffe Stakeholder update 25th March[...]
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Nottinghamshire Police

Rushcliffe South (Northern Cluster) Priority Setting Meeting

Ø   Chairman: Rowan Bird (BinghamTown Council)

Ø   Police Representatives: PC Caroline Voce & PCSO David Wesson

Ø   Notes taker: Bob Clarke (Orston NHW)

                          Minutes of Meeting – 25thth July 2019,

Attendees; Bev Bingham (Shelford PC), Eileen Smith (Shelford PC), Winifred Pell (Staunton Group NHW), Bob Clarke (Orston NHW), Rowan Bird (Bingham), Anthony Gee (Radcliffe NHW), David Cartledge (Flintham PC), Cllr Francis Purdue-Horan (Bingham), Alan R Harvey (Saxondale PM), Paul Bancroft (East Bridgford NHW & PC), Sue Clegg (Radcliffe Parish), David Griffin (Radcliffe-on-Trent NHW), Julie Brown and Joe Beet (Aslockton PC), Abbey Brennan and Norman Bradley (Radcliffe Parish Council) and Trevor Simpson (Langar & Barnstone PC).


Apologies: Mary Mackie (Elton Parish Clerk), Karen Griffin (Radcliffe NHW) and Sue Barker (Shelton)


Local crime levels and trends & recent police activity


Recent incidents

PC Caroline Voce (CV) updated delegates on the latest reported crime figures. A recent ‘car key’ burglary in Bingham (following a number in recent months in R.O.T) highlighted the need to educate residents to be vigilant. Particularly important during hot weather is keeping ground floor windows closed and car windows properly shut. Also recommended is to take car keys upstairs with you when retiring for the night.


CV also confirmed there had been some incidents of criminal damage.



The biggest strain on police resources was the arrival of travellers for a Christian event at Aslockton. Apparently about a thousand travellers were due to attend. This issue raised much debate amongst attendees as travellers had set up sites on mainly council land. This had affected residents and councils in R.O.T., Bingham, Bottesford and surrounding villages. The situation was aggravated by the lack of notice. The local police were only aware 2 days before the event. It seems the date is only shared amongst the traveller community.


It was believed there had been numerous calls to the police non-emergency number ‘101’. Problems included pilfering from local shops, fly-tipping, damage to a skate park and AstroTurf on playing fields and damage to gates. CV said it seemed not all incidents had been officially reported.


CV confirmed there had not been any real problems in Aslockton where the event was held. The festival had been well organised and the site left clear of litter. Only small handfuls of youngsters caused problems and these were dealt with by the police.


Abbey Brennan (R.O.T. Parish Council) said she had attended a meeting on 25th July which included Neighbourhood Policing Sergeant Steve Robinson. In summary Abbey said the fundamental lesson emerging was the lack of effective communication between interested parties and residents. Although action was taking place residents were left unaware of this. The perception was that nothing was happening in spite of residents’ calls for action and they couldn’t see an end to the problems.


It had been agreed that a ‘communications protocol’ needed to be implemented. It was suggested that Kay Cutts’ parish council contacts might be a useful conduit for this. The issues of identifying council owned land and protecting entry also need to be tackled.


Bob Clarke (Orston NHW) said he would include with the minutes a summary note of the legal position regarding travellers entering land illegally.


Other police items

CV said that PC Howard Shinn had been relocated to Community Engagement Officer. This meant the local Neighbourhood Police Team was now down to only six - 3 PCs and 3 PCSOs. It was questioned how effectively such small team could operate effectively.


Overall crime level

CV confirmed the level of crime locally continues to be relatively low.


Actions / Priorities for next 3 months


The chairman gave delegates the opportunity to raise any local policing issues or concerns. The following were highlighted:


1.    Radcliffe – David Griffin said he’d been asked what action to take if a house burglar alarm goes off. It was mentioned that the following police link gives useful advice on a number of topics including this one - https://www.nottinghamshire.police.uk/advice

2.    Bingham – Francis Purdue-Horan said there were complaints of speeding on Mill Hill Road where young children played.

3.    Saxondale – Alan Harvey mentioned a spate of aggressive door-to-door cold callers/ pedlars. CV mentioned the availability of video door bells sold by Ring.com. Apparently they are very effective.


Following discussion the following three priorities were agreed:


1.    Travellers – The swift communication of advice as soon as problems emerge to raise awareness of the importance of protecting land from illegal occupation

2.    Burglary/ Theft from Cars – Security advice during hot weather

3.    Speeding – Particularly Mill Hill Road, Bingham.

Date of next meeting


Thursday 24th October 2019, The Old Court House, Bingham.



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