Rushcliffe Borough Council have launched the Covid-19 Memorial Grant Fund to support parish councils in creating public memorials to commemorate the impact of Covid-19 upon communities in the Borough.

The scheme aims to support the creation of memorials that are fitting for their communities and therefore there is no formal template to follow. Example ideas include memorial planting schemes, plaques, public art or benches.  The memorial should be publicly accessible  and not on private land such as a school or a members only-club.

Parish councils have been encouraged by the Borough to engage the local community in the planning of the memorials and build-in sustainable, plans for the on-going maintenance of the memorial.

The maximum grant from the Borough will be £500 with parishes expected to provide match funding from their own reserves.

If any resident has a suggestion as to a  memorial please contact the parish clerk  Mike Elliott.



Free tree scheme returns for Rushcliffe residents!


Rushcliffe residents can make their properties even greener by applying for free trees for a fourth year running. 


Over 8,000 trees have been distributed since the start of the campaign in 2018 and now 800 wild cherry and dogwood trees are available without charge.


It’s part of Rushcliffe Borough Council’s strategy to provide sustainable environments in line with the Borough’s significant housing and employment growth in the coming years.


Householders are encouraged to apply as soon as possible given anticipated high demand and can apply for up to two trees by visiting and submitting an application before October 31.


The Council’s Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Communities and Climate Change Cllr Abby Brennan said: “We are delighted to be running the free tree scheme again, after a wonderful response from residents since the scheme was launched in 2018.


“They have shown great enthusiasm in collecting and planting thousands of these free trees and we thank them for their continued support to making Rushcliffe a great and greener place to live.


“We hope that by increasing the number of trees in the Borough, our green environments will grow alongside our communities, improving the quality of life for both current and future residents.”


Successful applicants will have trees delivered direct to their door by Streetwise with the volume of delivery trips minimised by the firm to make its carbon footprint as low as possible.


The Wild Cherry or Prunus avium can grow to 25 metres tall, flowers in spring and fruit in summer and autumn colour. They like full sunlight and fertile soil but do not tolerate waterlogged soil.


The Dogwood or Cornus sanguinea trees grow to 10 metres tall, has creamy flowers followed by black berries and crimson autumn leaves. It is a shade-tolerant tree and can cope with damp conditions.


Please apply as soon as you can!



Platinum Jubilee Celebrations

In 2022, Her Majesty The Queen will celebrate her Platinum Jubilee, seventy years after having acceded to the throne on 6th February 1952 when Her Majesty was 25 years old.


An extended bank holiday, from Thursday 2nd to Sunday 5th June, will provide an opportunity for communities and people throughout the United Kingdom to come together to celebrate this historic milestone.


The parish council would like to encourage people to give some ideas and suggestions as to how we can celebrate this momentous occasion in our village.


The National events include Trooping of the Colour and Beacon lighting (Thursday 2 June); a Service of Thanksgiving in St Paul’s Cathedral (Friday 3 June); Platinum Party at the Palace - The BBC will stage and broadcast a special live concert from Buckingham Palace (Saturday 4 June); The Big Jubilee Lunch (Sunday 5 June)


You can email any suggestions to us (see Contact page) or contact any councillor direct. You may even feel that a dedicated group should meet and decide the way forward. We are open to ANY suggestions.


Please support us for this historic occasion!



We are looking for a Tree Warden for Shelford. If you would like to volunteer, look at this link for more information:



If you are interested, please contact Mike Elliott on or call on  0115 937 6506 and we can send you an application form.


Shelford Parish Council

[Rushcliffe Borough Council Nottinghamshire]

Clerk: Mike Elliott + 19 Main Street + Keyworth +Notts  NG12 5AA+

Tel 0115 937 6506


Chairman  Coun. Bev Bingham, 0115  9334212  Mobile  0744--3529888

--Village representative on--

Notts County Council :  Coun. Roger Upton, 0115-9333881,

Mobile  0750-112-4973 Email

Rushcliffe Borough Council:  Coun. David Simms,

Mobile:  0790 -4874928 mail:



Parish Council

Accounts for 2020-2021
Certificate of Exemption 2020-21.pdf
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Accounting Statements 2020-21.pdf
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Annual Governance Statement 2020-21.pdf
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Annual Internal Audit report 2020-21.pdf
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Notice of Public Rights
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Accounts Apr 2019-March2020
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Asset Register as at 31 Mar 2020
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Items in excess of £100
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Parish Council Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Meet the councillors here.


Our councillors do not have set responsibilities but volunteer as matters arising occur. If representation is required on external local public bodies, councillors volunteer depending on availability.


Minutes of Parish Council Meetings can be found here.

Agendas for Parish Council Meetings can be found here.


Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Action
Please look at this public consultation document from Rushcliffe Borough.
A survey link is at the end of the document for your comments
Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Action[...]
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Fancy a Walk? 


Are you fed-up with doing the same old walks?


Walking in Nottinghamshire is the website for you!


With hundreds of walks to download and print, free, it also has books of walks, contact details for all the walking groups in the county and much more. Whether you want to walk on your own or with a group all the information is there in one place.


John said ‘There is so much walking information on the web but it is difficult to find. Walking in Nottinghamshire (part of the Walking in England suite of websites (  – one for each county in England) has brought it together in one place so whether you are walking from home, or away on holiday, you will be able to find a walk suitable for you’.


With walks from half a mile to twelve miles plus long, and a note of suitability for pushchairs and wheelchairs, everyone can find a walk to enjoy.


So home or away, check out the websites and get walking!


Give a Laptop Appeal

Last summer local BBC radio stations helped members of the public donate thousands of old laptops and tablets for schoolchildren to use across England. For those pupils, who were sharing phones at home while learning in lockdown, it made a huge difference.

There are lots of pupils that still require some help. If you have any spare laptops or tablets, please look at the following to see where items can be donated:

Some charities can collect, wipe and share the laptops all in one; some can help take your devices off your hands to fix them ready for distribution; some are collecting donations to help fund devices for pupils; some are local to specific areas and some are nationwide, both across England and the UK.

If you would prefer to donate direct to a school, a list of Nottinghamshire schools can be found here:

If you contact them direct, they may have someone working there that can wipe your item clean.


Please find some information sent to us by the NHS with regards to appointments, symptoms, and the vaccine
COVID Jan 2021.docx
Microsoft Word document [560.9 KB]

We are encouraging our community to download the what3words app on their phones in case they need to call 999. 

Every 3m square has been assigned 3 words so that it makes it easier for services like the police or ambulance etc to find you as they can pick this up from your phone call.

The app is totally free to download and use, you can download it on iOS or Android here.

You can find a full list of those services that accept what3words here: Your community could also use what3words to report incidents with organisations like National Grid, Network Rail and the Environmental Agency:


Please see the attached pdf for information on how to use what3words:


what3words leaflet.pdf
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Free Tree Scheme for 2020
The Free Tree Scheme Returns
The Free Tree Scheme initiative forms part of Rushcliffe authority’s strategy to provide further sustainable environments across communities in the Borough with the chosen tree species native to the Borough.

Rushcliffe Borough Council’s Executive Manager for Communities Dave Mitchell said in 2019 when the scheme was first launched: “Thank you if you applied to the scheme, we are delighted with the response.

“There was also good interest in our tree warden scheme to protect and help trees to flourish in our towns and villages, so as ever we’re really pleased with Rushcliffe residents’ commitment to the environment.

“We hope that by increasing the number of trees in the Borough, as our communities grow, our green environments will continue to do
Tree Scheme 2020.pdf
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The parish council wishes to acknowledge with grateful thanks a donation of £500 received from Notts County Councillor Kay Cutts from the Councillors Divisional Fund - the donation being made to supplement the Parish Council’s village hall Rental income in light of the Coronavirus pandemic.


Sheford Parish Council




CPRE has changed its emblem from the first, to the second image:

CPRE, the Campaign to Protect Rural England has changed its emblem, to a new more up to date one, and In trying to promote what they do, are returning to the principles of CPRE’s founders to promote, enhance and protect the countryside.

The organisation has reported a drop in membership and has accepted a request from those who are members to be more ambitious in their scope to achieve a countryside for everyone.

They say a multitude of surveys show that most people feel the countryside is an important national asset but that extensive consultation over the past 18 months has shown that CPRE can be perceived as being negative, with this putting many potential supporters off.

The Chief Executive, Crispin Truman, says everyone will see a change in tone from CPRE, focusing more on the positive solutions that they have always tried to create.  This is underpinned by their new strategic aims – ‘Connect people and countryside’, ‘Promote rural life’ and ’Empower communities’.

Your parish council are members of the organisation and clerk Mike Elliott can be contacted for details on 0115 937 6506.


Notts County Council are asking local residents to inform them at 0115 977 4802 if they are aware of any public footpaths on arable land in the parish that are being obstructed by crops.

Senior Rights of Way Officer for the joint partnership, Jane Baines, is anxious to ensure that obstructions do not take place and says they will write to any farmers who do not heed requests to rectify the position where blockage are allowed to occur.

The County say that where obstructions do occur they will ask the farmers to remove them or the County Council will carry out the work and charge the farmer for it.


Rushcliffe Borough Council are looking to appoint tree wardens in local parishes and are appealing for people to contact them to support their aim.

The Borough say they would hope to be able to appoint the wardens in every parish in their area, and are to launch their project at Rushcliffe Country Park at Ruddington on Saturday June 22, between 11.30am and 3pm.

Tree wardens can be appointed by their local parish council and would be the parish contact for all things tree related in their area.  One of their jobs would be to report early signs of pest, disease and vandalism as well as gathering information, survey and record information about trees important for wildlife and the heritage of the parish.     They would also be able to look out for opportunities to plant more trees in the local community, enhancing the environment for parishioners.

Mr Paul Phillips, the Environmental Sustainability Officer for the Borough, says he can be contacted on 0115 9148595 and he would be happy to pass on more information to anyone interested.


For minutes prior to February 2015

Please click here




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